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Here at Aimsperform e learning answers, we provide you with all the relevant information and e-learning answers, in order for you to complete the course with an exceptional pass rate. All our Aimsperform courses can help you find information tailored to fit in perfectly with the e learning courses.

All e-learning courses found at are specifically designed for the medical profession here in the UK. We at wish to provide all students of the Aimsperform e learning courses with a site dedicated to helping their studies go further and faster.

The benefits of the book are as follows;


  • Pass Quickly

    You will find it easy to pass E-learning courses with the Aimsperfom book.

  • 20 courses inside this book

    The book contains the relevant information for all 21  courses.     

  • Easy to Read

    • We ensured that we made our book as easy to follow as possible.

  • Easy to navigate

    Aimsperform Question and Answer book comes in bite size chunks to read all the content easily.

  • 110 pages of content

    We have over 110 pages of questions & answers, but it's easy to find the answer your looking for due to the handy search feature.

  • Search feature

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Ideal for situation where you just don't know that one answer! A+
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The guide really helped! Passing infection control was as easy as ABC...  
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Aimsperform Ultimate Question and Answer book truly lived up to expectations, it saved me hours of frustration. I would highly recommmend this book to all performing the E-learning course.
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Aimsperform in Action:

Aimsperform Homepage

Within each care provider using a huge array of courses. Our Aimsperform book is here to support you on which ever course you decide to take. When you sign into the Aimsperform website, you will find many areas of the site offering different courses, luckily our Aimsperform book has all of the answers for all of the courses.

Here at we specialize in online e-books designed to work alongside the Aimsperform e learning courses for the health and social care sector in the UK. Our aim is to provide students with the help and knowledge they need to receive a 100% pass rate on all the featured courses. Our Aimsperform e-books provide all the answers and information you will need.

  • Foundation Health and  Safety - Healthcare
  • HSC: Infection Prevention and Control
  • Common Induction Standards
  • Foundation Food Safety
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Mental Capacity Act Awareness
  • HSC: Dementia Awareness
  • Deprivation of Liberty 
  • End of Life Care
  • Diabetes Awareness
  • HSC: Principles of Safeguarding and Protection
  • HSC: Administration of Medication
  • Equality & Diversity Awareness
  •  Fire safety Awareness
  • Mental Capacity Act Awareness
  •  Epilepsy Awareness
  • Supporting people with Autism
  • Supporting people with Diabetes Mellitus
  • Supporting people with LD and Mental Health needs
  • Understanding an Individual with LD
  • First Aid Awareness
  • Dementia course

Another great feature to the ebook is that it comes in handy bite size chunks. This makes it simple to read and you can take in as little or as much as you want at any one time.

We guarantee that you will find our Aimsperform e-learning answers book the perfect partner to your online e learning course. With a clear and simple self help format, which includes all the online courses available at, this e book is really designed to provide students with a fast and easy approach to gaining the knowledge that is needed to help them pass their course.

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We are an online e-book specialist. We provide services to the Health and Social care sector. We aim to provide students with the knowledge they need to achieve 100% pass rates for all your online courses. With our full version e-book, we offer full assistance to those of you who may need help. We offer a 24/7 helpline when you subscribe to the full version of the book, so if you need any help with any aspect of the book we are here to help.

How can I receive support for the Aimsperform ebook?

If you are looking for help with any aspect of our Aimsperform e learning e books, we can offer you a dedicated 24 hour team to answer any queries you may have. All you need to do is subscribe to our full version of Aimsperform ebook to receive all the full support we offer.





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 Welcome to we are the home of Aimsperform the ultimate question and answers e-book.

The Aimsperform e-book has been carefully designed to help you pass your online course with ease. All answers featured in this book are designed to fit with or Aims Courseware e-learning course. We hope that you find the book enlightening and helpful.


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